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I love working with people who seek clarity, who want to discover and develop their strengths, so they can live their best lives right now, today.

As I hone in on this passion, I realize that, in a sense, I’ve been doing this work ever since I started teaching twenty-five years ago. When I teach, I help people grow as writers, and writing both springs from and feeds into our lives. Writers find clarity and strength by writing.

As a coach and a speaker, I work with individuals and with groups of all sizes, helping them see their lives through new lenses, freeing them to be who they want to be, no matter what’s going on around them.

Because I’m a writer, many of my clients want to write.

Because I lost my sister, many of my clients long for freedom from distance and judgment in their relationships.

Because I’m human, all of my clients yearn for greater peace and happiness.

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